Vyway has the privilege of working with a new entry in the architectural design marketplace. A brand called Seeyond™ Architectural Solutions. Although we also created the master brand name, this is the story of their technology-solution name. We needed a unique yet approachable name for a sophisticated parametric-design toolset. Everyone on the team submitted ideas for consideration. Ultimately, it was the power of the subconscious that delivered.

I had immersed myself in books on architecture, parametric design, and tessellation (a core attribute of the Seeyond solution). Then I let the learning incubate. I watched the IBM computer called Watson beat the best-ever Jeopardy contestants. I also watched some of the best films ever made including 2001 A Space Odyssey just prior to the Oscars. And then the new name materialized out of the folds of my mind: Tess. Short for tessellation and friendly like Watson or Hal. After a unanimous vote, we added the descriptor language and Tess™ Specification Tool joined the Seeyond brand hierarchy.

Rely on this same technique to tap your own creative genius:

  1. Gather all the information available.
  2. Immerse yourself in the learning and ideas.
  3. Let the challenge rest and distract yourself.
  4. Be aware of the synthesis so you can see the answer when it appears.

Once you have the Eureka moment – that moment when seemingly simple folds of paper can become anything at all – make certain to shape your idea into practical usefulness. Anything is possible.