After a deep dive to understand the organization’s most critical needs, we spent a week working on a number of key deliverables: a graphic illustration of the organization’s complex business model and its partnerships and activities; a highly detailed tactical execution plan; and a Vyway Vision/Vantage/Voice brand strategy map, including a complete reworking of an existing yet unwieldy mission statement. Here’s the before-and-after snapshot:

  • BEFORE: To be a citizen enterprise, in art and culture, contributing at its level to the efforts of sustainable development in Morocco, through the integration of ecological, economic, and sociocultural aims into its practice.
  • AFTER: Empowering women to believe in themselves.

At the heart of every great enterprise is perfect clarity around its reason for being, its highest purpose. Often called a mission statement, these poignant few words answer the question of why the organization does what it does, rather than defining what the organization does. It’s about the why, not the what. Au Grain de Sesame exists to help women — to give them access to better and happier lives. In a single word, it’s about women. And yet incongruously, that word wasn’t part of their former mission statement.

At the very moment when Asmaa arrived at this clarifying insight, she proclaimed: “I feel liberated!” We all celebrated with traditional Moroccan mint tea and then went back to work, opening more doors.