People buy relevance. They buy rBrands are living systems. They require constant attention to sustain growth. Think of a brand as a brilliant big idea at the core, surrounded by a swirl of ever-changing smaller ideas -- ideas that keep the brand fresh and relevant. The best example in our midst is Apple. Their Big Idea: Design Elegance. Their smaller supporting ideas are endless. Here are a few very recent examples -- note the variety of product, service and solution offerings:

  • iCloud (content storage and access on multiple devices)
  • iPad Smart Cover (magnetic cover that wakes the device)
  • Joint Venture (business technology training and support)
  • Thunderbolt I/O (collaboration with Intel for ultrafast data transfer)

When you execute your big idea across multiple touch points while constantly renewing the offering, you create a focused yet dynamic brand. Consistent delivery of the core brand promise drives trust, while constant renewal drives engagement and loyalty. All great and growing brands must remain vital. So use this ecosystem approach to accelerate value creation for your marketplace.