One of the longest searches in the history of science results in one of the biggest discoveries in particle physics – the Higgs boson – a key to our understanding of who we are and why we exist. This discovery, which was made at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, supports the theory behind the Higgs field. The reality of an elusive and invisible field that “explains the laws of nature governing all matter” is entirely compelling. Not only standing on its merit, but also as a metaphor illuminating the connection to our own human nature. To our own chance at finding purpose in our lives and work.

At the moment of high-speed collision, we realize that destruction creates an opportunity for personal discovery. Within the question of why things have mass, we see the nature of human resistance. And for all the analysis of matter in the universe, we begin to understand that the energy we each bring to the equation is the only thing that truly matters. So in honor of a generation of physicists who believed in the boson for decades without ever seeing it, let’s break from the symmetry. Let’s overcome resistance. Let’s fly.

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