A group of twelve friends just returned from Africa. We experienced a thousand miles of game drives throughout three national parks in Tanzania. Followed by four days of indulgent relaxation on the island of Zanzibar. While there, we learned about connection. And we discovered the power of emotion.

  • We were captivated by a matriarch elephant confidently leading her herd through an encounter with a pride of cautious lions.
  • We were surprised by a group of Datoga performers who danced, clapped, jumped and sang while flamingos took flight behind us.
  • We were awed by the scale of the Great Migration of millions of wildebeest and zebra as we watched from 2,000 feet high in a hot air balloon over the Serengeti.
  • We were enchanted by sailing a primitive Dhow on the Indian Ocean safely inside the reef with five knots of breeze as the sun set.

We were deeply joyous at the magnificence of it all. And at the realization that these shared experiences create an essential sense of belonging and an everlasting feeling of connection. If only brands had that kind of power! Actually, they do.

Know that the most courageous thing your organization can do is to honor the emotional connections customers have with your brand. Let that shared meaning guide your decisions. Because leading with heart holds the key to enduring brand performance.